Friday, December 12, 2014

Nice Trip in Kaimana City

uhh thanks God... i really hard for connecting the Internet. I online from office and the wifi (speedy) connection is really sucks! errrrhhh... (devil emoticon)

ok, skip about that. i wanna share about my trip last month on 11 till 13 in Kaimana city for a church celebration. Exactly there is a 25th priesthood anniversary of our pastor. Because he cames from Kaimana so that's why the celebration was held there. My auntie is Ex- Parish council for two terms so she so familiar with pastor. We used half of plane content because the group that went were about 30 peoples.

when we arrived at Utarom Airport, Kaimana, surprisingly we got a welcome dance from Kaimana's society. They sang and danced together. I felt like an important government :D hahah.. yeahh i knoowww, this welcome dance isn't for me but for pastor :p
Kaimana's society is very warmfull and enthusiastic with our coming.

Kaimana's regent and pastor with their warm smiles ^^
 How thanksfull we are because the Kaimana's regent already prepared everything for our coming and the celebration itself. He was so friendly and did hand shake with aaaaaall the group from sorong. hihihi.. ^^
view all the way from the airport.. the coconut trees towering along the road. I like to out my hand and feel the air but it will looks weird. hehehe.

me, pastor jo, aunty, pastorrr...a sorry i forget his name >.<, aunty katuuk, aunty telda (*rom left to right)

we arrived at hotel at noon and decided to spend our night to hunting the street food. And finally we stop at a dining tent near the beach, yeiy! we all ordered "saraba" (indonesian traditional drink) it's so perfect for hit the cold night.

ME !

I don't know for sure what the name of this place. But this is the place that pater Jo recommended to us for visit. Pater jo had been coming to Kaimana before so his knew about this place. I think this place is a recreation park for a long years ago, but know it looks like never taken care anymore. Grass growed tall everywhere. But one that still beautiful is the river. It was sssoooo clear!! the water was so fresh too!! make me wanna to swim, but poor me i did not brought any clothes for change :(

ok, thanks for reading. see you guys on my next post. 
pray for me so i'm not lazy anymore for writing this blog -_-
i think i'm very busy so i don't have time to edit and do this blog :p wakakakaka.. No, i'm kidding :p
sure i have maaaany maaaanny of free time.. just make it worth then.. hehe..
thankyou :*


Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Amazing RED

lately many people like to use red as a new black. Even use it as a dominant color or just pairing it with another color. Red always make your appearance looks stunning!
On last Feb 2014, i attended my bestie's wedding and our dress code on that party is red. I know it's so loooong time pass by, heheee...

below i share the photos . Check it out! ;D

got a selfie before makeup.. yeaaahh! peeeeeaacee... ^^v

girls with the beautiful bride :*
am i tell you that i did my makeup by my self? huehehe..
u should agree with me that the church is prettily amazing, right?  YES!
truly the red bag is not the best choice for this dress. But poor me i don't have a black party bag :( 

okay, thanks for reading guys! see u in next post :*



(*nb: forgive me for the bad quality pict T_T)

Friday, November 7, 2014


Yuhuuuuu..... I'm so excited when i made this blog! \^^/
trully i already made this blog about 3 days ago. I don't post anything before because i'm too busy with googling about how to design the new blog (u know i'm a newbie as a blogger *what? a blogger? no. * LOL) but the result is.. i still cann't change anything with my new blog T_T i think i need a tutor for leading me.. anyone? :p

I don't know what can i do with this blog. But i think i'll filling it with my activities feat what i wear.. hwehehee :p it's not important of course but i just feeling happy when i dressed prettily and take some pict (actually many :p) and then posting it.
I love to read fashion blog from some populer bloggers from Indonesia, like ellejess and soniaeryka. They are so inspiring! 

Oh, i forget to introduce my self! :p hehe.. My full name is Veronica Pelealu. My friends usually called me "ve", but my mother like to called me "ika" :)
I'm 23 yo now and proud to be Indonesian! ^^ For language i choose to use english so many people can joint and enjoy what i wrote here. 
I love nail art, and i prefer to made the creation of nail art by my self. Of course the result isn't as good as if  you go to the nailart salon.. hehe
For color i love pink. So girly right?! :D but sometimes i often doubt when i think what i will choose with pink car or white car someday. Lol.
Hello kitty is mine! hahah.. yes, i love hello kitty to the moon and back! I guess the factors i like HK the first is because the color which dominan with pink :p and the second because the cute of HK it self.
Pssst.. after i wrote all the story above, do you think i'm an engineer? hahah.. i guess not! But yes, for sure i'm an engineer! The young civil engineer exactly. Two sides of me that contradictory, right?  ^^
I'll tell the story to you next. It has a long story.

ok, i think it's enough. Maybe too long for a first blog posting. hehee.. ^^v
Thankyou and enjoy the blog. So glad can share this blog with u all.